Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reprogram Yourself....

Glorious Greeeeetings!!! Today I have something yummy for you to bite into... Kate Magic has just launched her Magic Bubble!!!! Kate's Magic Bubble is a site dedicated to putting love into the system and creating a wave of magic across the Universe. Kate is a hip hop, raw food, spiritual ecstasist, mama who has much wizdom to share with the world. Check her out!!! Right now she has a free interview up on the site that shares how to put more LOVE into "the system", how to get in the flow and tap into magic and synchronicity, and even the top 5 foods to bring more magic into your life. If you wish to taste a bit of her wizdom Click Here!!!

LOOOOVE listening to chats and interviews with a positive message while doing chores or cozying up on the couch with a cup of tea. I also like to play Innertalk CDs (Innertalk uses subliminal technology to enhance a variety of life and spiritual qualities.) in the background throughout the day. I get soooo much more from them than watching television! When we occupy ouselves with things that enhance our lives with wisdom and positivity as opposed to mind numbing garbage (which of course is quite entertaining at times!), we reprogram ourselves to think positively and in turn are able to attract more positivity into our lives. Stock up on positive media and indulge in them when you need a boost!!!!

The Winner of this month's contest is JUSTIN from Boulder. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Thankyou sooo much to all of you for sharing your beautiful faiths with me!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


There is sooooo much to be thankful for coming into Thanksgiving!!!! Even through all the hardships I've experienced this year, I find myself walking away from them with valuable lessons and a deep sense of gratitude for the chance to have experienced them. People always say that it is from our hardships that we grow. I always took that to heart, but never really fully comprehended the meaning until now. Earlier this year someone very special to me was taken from this realm in a most vicious manner. On March 5th, my grandfather was killed while sitting with my great grandmother in her home. I grew very bitter for a while wondering how and why these things happen to beautifully innocent people. I'd never felt such rage, nor had I ever felt so violated and victimized. I felt hatred which was a new emotion for me. But through this experience, I've come to know what forgiveness truly is and to understand what it really means to love unconditionally. It's easy to forgive those we love and care about and it's easy to not care about those we don't love. Learning to love those who have hurt you isn't an easy thing to do, but holding on to anger only hinders our own Divine happiness. I felt compeled to share this with you all in hopes that you will learn to liberate yourselves through the power of forgiveness.


To enter this month's contest, your entries have to be in by midnight tonight. Send an email to telling me a little about your beliefs and you will have a chance to own a beautiful Angel kit from the marvelous Doreen Virtue. Hope to hear from YOU

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unconditionally love...

"Love is the imprint of your beingness. In knowing that, you will understand why lesser actions fall short. But more importantly, you will begin unfolding that special nature which you were really created to be. Think of love, not as an action....Love is a quality unbounded by fences and magnitudes, which derives it's power from God, the ultimate source of love.

Love is unversally free. Thus, in being love, so are you. Your body may be imprisoned, but your love has no boundaries.

Love commands the adamantine particles. Thus in being love, you take command of your life.

Love is the master of conditions, not the servant of them. Thus in being love, you are no man's slave...

Love is universally resonant and in being love, you are also resonant with life. There are no conditions to the truth of who you are. It is your sacred right to be the love that you are, and that is unconditional." -Ascended Master Jesus from Love Without End by Glenda Green (Based on her encounter with Jesus. A mesmorizing message of message of love that will inspire everyone regardless of their faith.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Message....

Glorious Greetings!!!! My reiki Master, Carole Turelove sent this beautiful message to me today and I wanted to pass it along. Carole is such a radiant being who blisses the world with her presence everyday!

The times
The times we are experiencing of late, are filled with a great number of conflicting attitudes of consciousness. On one hand, we experience the bliss of like minded people coming together under all umbrellas of faiths and spiritual awareness. It is the time for this to occur, with each coming to the same conclusions of the times being that which has been foretold and written of. Even in the theaters and on Television, we see and hear of movies that depict possible scenarios, when not one human being truly knows of what is to come for us all. What is truth, is that we are rapidly coming into our own. Never before has human consciousness been so accelerated. In a few short years we have evolved a mass of technology unlike any other times in human history. Yet, these are only material things that reflect the possibilities of what mankind can achieve. What is the real accomplishment is within our human nature and our divine true selves.
This is a truth that we all can feel and sense. It is what brings us to our knees with devotion and to the heights of our personal spiritual growth.

On the other hand, we see such violence and destruction that it takes our very breaths away with confusion and angst.

This is where we take our collective breaths. We join in our hearts. We break the cycles of this darkness and not allow it to overtake our hearts.

It will not survive what is to come. Love, Light, and the Divine, will prevail. It begins with us. Not you. Not me. With Us.

We are the change we seek. We are those that we have prayed for and looked to. Light workers join in this mission to unite humanity and to save our world. Know it in the sacred space of your heart that beat with the divine spark before you were even a personality or had any brain cells. Know that divinity in you, that is also a part of me, and that unites us all.

So you may ask what is to be done. Simplicity is the answer. Live your truth. Be the change. Join in your voices to sound together. This is our time. This is THE time.

As the changes transpire before us, fervently understand that what no longer serves the good of humanity will and must fall away. God has the blueprint for the final outcome. Trust in that. Stand your ground in that faith.

If you found this message to be as inspiring as I did, hop on over to her SITE and leave her happy note!!!


Don't forget to send inyour entries before it's too late!!!  Send in a brief note telling me about your beliefs or your spiritual practice to and you'll have a chance to win a beautiful Angel Kit by Doreen Virtue. *Remember* Angels are Universal! I LOVE what I'm hearing so far!!!! Everyone seems to have their own unique connection regardless of the religion they commit themselves to. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Her Holiness....

I just had a major shift of consciousness!!!! After listening to Her Holiness Sai Maa speak on the future human (the evolution of spirit), I have soooo much hope and excitement for humanity. As a lightworker, I found this interview to be extremely enlightening. Her Holiness spoke of Love, Relationships, DNA Remembrance, The Ego of the Spiritual Leader (lightworker) and the many gifts we are to recover from our Ancient pasts. She also gave a compassionate warning to learn from those ancient pasts and come into a space where love rules. While watching HH Sai Maa speak, I could see the love for humanity pouring from her and I thought, "I want to have the same capacity of love and compassion for humanity." Not just the kind of love that says, 'I accept you and I care for you no matter what.' but the kind that says, 'You and I are One and I love you as I love myself.' Can you imagine the Utopia we'll live in once everyone comes to that realization? If you want to watch Her Holiness speak to the depths of your soul Click Here! (If you are a spiritual leader or teacher of anykind, I highly suggest that you see this. It could change your perspective on your entire practice!)

*Mission of the Week*

Our Mission of the Week has been to spread peace. I found that this is really one of the most natural instincts we have! My 9 month old (rainbow baby!) has a way of making everyone's day a little brighter! Even when we're in the market she always finds someone to cheer up with her radiant energy. This made me realize exactly how loving and forgiving we were in our natural state. So I've been trying to be more child like all week long!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peace Pilgrim....

Helloooooooooo!!!! Yesterday I watched the Peace Pilgrim documentary with my three year old. Surprisingly, she loved it just as much as I did! Peace Pilgrim was an inspiring woman who walked over 25,000 miles for world peace. She spoke of love and universal connection. She walked until given shelter and she fasted until given food and she never stopped smiling! :-) The entire film can be viewed online HERE! Not only can you view the film, but you can also receive a free copy of the book, Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, as well as listen to her speaches and read the inspirational spiritual booklet, Steps Towards Inner Peace. I like to play the audio clips while I'm doing monotonous chores! Here's a bit of a summary of Steps Towards Inner Peace. I hope it inspires you to spend some time getting to know Peace Pilgrim and her message for humanity.


1. Assume right attitude toward life
Stop being an escapist or a surface-liver as these attitudes can only cause inharmony in your life. Face life squarely and get down below the froth on its surface to discover its verities and realities. Solve the problems that life sets before you, and you will find that solving them contributes to your inner growth. Helping to solve collective problems contributes also to your growth, and these problems should never be avoided.

2. Live good beliefs.
The laws governing human conduct apply as rigidly as the law of gravity. Obedience to these laws pushes us toward harmony; disobedience pushes us toward inharmony. Since many of these laws are already common belief, you can begin by putting into practice all the good things you believe. No life can be in harmony unless belief and practice are in harmony.

3. Find your place in the Life Pattern.
You have a part in the scheme of things. What that part is you can know only from within yourself. You can seek it in receptive silence. You can begin to live in accordance with it by doing all the good things you are motivated toward and giving these things priority in your life over all the superficial things that customarily occupy human lives.

4. Simplify life to bring inner and outer well-being into harmony.
Unnecessary possessions are unnecessary burdens. Many lives are cluttered not only with unnecessary possessions but also with meaningless activities. Cluttered lives are out-of-harmony lives and require simplification. Wants and needs can become the same in a human life and, when this is accomplished, there will be a sense of harmony between inner and outer well-being. Such harmony is needful not only in the individual life but in the collective life too.


1. Purification of the bodily temple.
Are you free from all bad habits? In your diet do you stress the vital foods - the fruits, whole grains, vegetables and nuts? Do you get to bed early and get enough sleep? Do you get plenty of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and contact with nature? If you can answer "Yes" to all of these questions, you have gone a long way toward purification of the bodily temple.

2. Purification of the thoughts.
It is not enough to do right things and say right things. You must also think right things. Positive thoughts can be powerful influences for good. Negative thoughts can make you physically ill. Be sure there is no unpeaceful situation between yourself and any other human being, for only when you have ceased to harbor unkind thoughts can you attain inner harmony.

3. Purification of the desires.
Since you are here to get yourself into harmony with the laws that govern human conduct and with your part in the scheme of things, your desires should be focused in this direction.

4. Purification of motives.
Obviously your motive should never be greed or self-seeking, or the wish for self-glorification, you shouldn't even have the selfish motive of attaining inner peace for yourself. To be of service to your fellow humans must be your motive before your life can come into harmony.


1. Relinquishment of self-will.
You have, or it's as though you have, two selves: the lower self that usually governs you selfishly, and the higher self which stands ready to use you gloriously. You must subordinate the lower self by refraining from doing the not-good things you are motivated toward, not suppressing them but transforming them so that the higher self can take over your life.

2. Relinquishment of the feeling of separateness.
All of us, all over the world, are cells in the body of humanity. You are not separate from your fellow humans, and you cannot find harmony for yourself alone. You can only find harmony when you realize the oneness of all and work for the good of all.

3. Relinquishment of attachments.
Only when you have relinquished all attachments can you be really free. Material things are here for use, and anything you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you. You can only live in harmony with your fellow humans if you have no feeling that you possess them, and therefore do not try to run their lives.

4. Relinquishment of all negative feelings.
Work on relinquishing negative feelings. If you live in the present moment, which is really the only moment you have to live, you will be less apt to worry. If you realize that those who do mean things are psychologically ill, your feelings of anger will turn to feelings of pity. If you recognize that all of your inner hurts are caused by your own wrong actions or your own wrong reactions or your own wrong inaction, then you will stop hurting yourself.

"My friends, the world situation is grave. Humanity with fearful faltering steps, walks a knife-edge between complete chaos and a golden age....Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love." -Peace Pilgrim

*Mission of the Week*

Your mission of the week is to make the world a more peaceful place by doing at least one act of random kindness a day. Buy lunch for that snobby secretary at your job, give flowers to lady down the street who loves to gossip about everyone in the neighborhood, or simply give a smile to a passing stranger who's wearing a frown. These tiny acts of kindness can make monstrous changes!!!!! 

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Greeeeetingzzzz!!!! Yesterday was the full moon and boy did it throw me off kilter! Sometimes I find that I'm not capable of holding any extra energy and my polarity gets all screwy. But I must say that I feel more grounded today as I attune myself to the the frequency of the lunar vibration.

Speaking of vibrations, how high are yours? If you tend to feel rather gloomy at times, here's  a simple trick to raise your consciousness to a happier state.....breath depply and SMILE!!!! Sounds too simple, I know, but when we realize that there is ALWAYS something worth smiling for, things don't seem as bad! :-)

I'm reading the most FANTABULOUS book, Schizandra and the Gates of Mu by Laura Bruno.... If you are one who loves to delve into the dimensions of reality, you HAVE to read this book. I normally don't read much fiction, but when the author is a Reiki Master and a book refers to Lumeria, Atlantis, 2012, the ascension, tarot readings, and all sorts of other yummy metaphysical goodness, how can anyone resist???? 


"This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness." ~Dalai Lama

Don't forget to email your entries for the contest this month!!! I want to know about YOUR beliefs. What is your God/dess like? What do you do to honor them or yourself? Enlighten me and you'll have a chance to win a beautiful Connecting wih Your Angels Kit by Doreen Virtue! Send your entries to by Sunday, November 15th. Good Luck! :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Enlighten me....

Howdy ya'll!!!! (okay, I promise to never say that again! lol) Yesterday was absolutely marvelous! It didn't quite go as planned, but turned out to be even better! We threw the most amazing party for our friends and family last night. We all danced the night away. It was hilarious to see my mother and grandmother boogy!!!! Life can bring such wonderful surprises when you just let it happen!!!

Oooh la la....Ladies and lady lovers, I have a very SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Women's International Summit for Health (WISH) is allowing everyone in the world to get in on the most empowering talks in the universe on Women's health. And when I say health I don't mean eat your daily dose of veggies. These talks cover every end of the spectrum including sensuality, spirit, relationships, beauty, prosperity, and balance. you DO NOT want to miss out on these talks. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain so check it out! Click Here!!! 

"I would not want to interfere with any creedof yours, nor want to appear as I have all the cures. There's so much to know...So many things are true. The way my feet must go, may not be right for you. And so I give this spark of what is light to me, to guide you through the dark, but not tell you what to see." -Author Unknown

Today is the beginning of a new month. (I just love beginnings!) And.........I have a new contest for you!!!!  I'm going to giveaway a beautiful Connecting with your Angels Kit from the wonderful Doreen Vitrue!!! The kit contains a special workbook filled with easy-to-follow steps; a new CD in which Doreen guides you through the process of discovering your angels’ identities and messages; a journal that will allow you to track your angelic communications; a rose quartz crystal to help you feel your angels’ loving guidance; natural incense to help elevate your spiritual frequency; 12 original angel oracle cards to help you instantly connect with your angels; and Dead Sea bath salts to help you clear away negativity from your mind and body. Whether you want to connect with archangels, guardian angels, ascended masters, or the Creator, this kit will be an invaluable tool to support your spiritual growth and Divine communication!

Right now, I am taking a course in world religions. I am studying so many beautiful cultures and religions that I never even knew existed! In light of my studies, I want to know about YOUR beliefs. What is your God/dess like? What do you do to honor them or yourself? Enlighten me and you'll have a chance to win this beautiful kit!!! Send your entries to by Sunday, November 15th. I'll be waiting!!!!! :-)

Love & Light,