Monday, April 5, 2010

Seasonal Energies...

Glorious Greeeeeeetings!!!!!!!! The sun is shinning, the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the bees are playing hide and seek! What a marvelous time Spring is. On the Spring Equinox, I received my Reiki Master attumement and I have to say that I have yet to flutter back to earth. I have never felt such an incredible amount of energy coursing through me. While receiving the attunement, I had a vision of a rope with a knot in it hanging from the sky and suddenly the knot fell loose. As soon as the knot came undone, so did I! I felt as if every ounce of pain, hurt, and saddness was being purged from the core of my being. I wanted to curl up in a ball in the middle of the floor and sleep. But after the experience, I felt a sense of clarifacation and connection that is quite hard to put into words. Talk about SPRING CLEANING!

10 Tid Bits of springtime FUN!!!!

  1. Take a nap outdoors.

  2. Pick flowers with your children (or someone else's!).

  3. Paint in the sun.

  4. Welcome the ducks home by giving them a feast. (My kids LOVE this!)

  5. Enjoy a spring cleaning juice fast for a day (or two...or three...or four...). 

  6. Do sun salutations facing the rising sun.

  7. Meditate while facing the setting sun.

  8. Go swinging in the park. (the older you get, the more hilarious this becomes!)

  9. Trampoline anyone????

  10. Take your favorite musical instrument outdoors and give a concert to the elements.
Honor nature in all of her bountiful beauty. Appreciate her nourishing spirit that resides within us all.


Friday, March 26, 2010


"There is no such thing as a bad day. There are only days when our perception is off balance."
I sometimes like to remind myself of that when things seem to be going 'less than optimal'- you know those days when everything that could possibly go wrong does and you find yourself in a such a frenzy that you begin to create negative experiences with your own flustered energies. When that happens, try to make a conscious shift in your perception and try to see the good in everything that happens. Did you just lose your cell phone that is still on silent from the meeting you were in yesterday? You spend 15-20 min trying to find it and when you do, it is lying next to your one of your favorite turquoise earrings that you thought you lost in the supermarket over a month ago! Are you angry that you are now late for work or happy to find your cherished jewel? Is your glass half empty or half full??? Maintaining a conscious approach to how we perceive things makes every experience a little better.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no more organics???

I received this letter in my inbox today from Jinjee Talifero of and I found it to be quite alarming....

"I usually don't mix my occasional activism with this newsletter as I like to keep things positive in here - but this issue seems like it could use as much help as we can give it...I'm not abreast of the seriousness of this issue -- I haven't done the research myself...but I don't think it could hurt to let our voices count for organics and against GMOs! According to this report, legislation is taking place to further support GMO farmers and allow them to contaminate organic crops with their genetically modified strains, which happens through cross-pollenation as the wind carries their GMO pollen to nearby organic farms...essentially turning that organic produce into GMO produce also...So, by signing this online petition you can send a message to help keep our food organic! We only have til Wednesday at 5:00 to get this signed."

I hope that you all will sign this petition. I don't knowabout you, but I believe that we should have the option of purchasing uncontaminated food. To sign the petition, CLICK HERE!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

'wee' reiki...

After lunch I peeped in on my little ones (who were supposed to be napping!) and watched as my four year old 'gave reiki' to my one year old. She hasn't actually been attuned to reiki, but it was such a beautiful sight. She was very attentive to her sister and I couldn't help but giggle as she said, "Stop moving Zoe. I'm trying to give you reiki!" Wee people are so amusing and VERY impressionable.

I found a nifty chakra printout online at that some of you may find interesting. It goes beyond the traditional 7 chakras and introduces the chakras that extend our crown and rooted beneath our base. I also found it very interesting that the heart chakra was broken into three seperate energy centers. You can access the handout HERE. I personally love the enitre Rainbow Medicine Circle website. They offer all kinds of unique goodies. 


Hello!!!!!!!! I started my day blowing bubbles and watching my little ones scramble across the room trying to catch them. What a wonderful start to a wonderful day! Imagine what a marvel bubbles are to a one year old. I hope to share in that marvel forever. I absolutely loooooooove being astonished by life :-)

Speaking of being astonished, I want to share this video about natural healing from  Dr. Thomas Lodi. Dr. Lodi confonts an audience of his peers and presents a 'cure' for disease: STOP CREATING IT!!!! I wish this could be shared with every doctor (or person in general) on the planet. I hope that you find this video to be enlightening enough to pass it on to everyone you know. If  you can't access the video through this email, you can view it HERE!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Glorious Greeeeetings to you all!!!!!! I've missed you all dearly, and appreciate the ?????? emails. It feels good to be missed as well. Those who know me, are used to my 'mini vacations'. Sometimes I like to stop the calls and visitations and just be present with myself. It's either that or I like to slack off every now and again. I'm still sorting that whole issue! Giggles! :-)

Well....on to greater things. A few months back I told you all about W.I.S.H: Women's International Summit for Health and now the time has come!!!!! I'm blissfully excited. Starting March 8th, for ten days, those who register will be able to access talks from some of the worlds most inspirational speakers on topics such as sensuality, spirituality, relationships, money, food, health, and plenty more. The best part of all is that it's all FREE! If you would like to see a full list of the speakers and topics covered as well as register hop on over HERE!

And speaking of great things...Eldon Taylor (the innertalk master mind) has just released a new book titled What Does That Mean? This book is totally mind altering. It assists you in remembering who you really are and places you firmly back on the path to personal enlightenment. Currently, they are offering TONS of free yummies to those who grab a copy of this marvelous book, including the entire set of Innertalk Success and Empowerment package. There are sooooo many gifts from soooooo many beautiful people that you may want to get the book for the freebies alone. If you're interested, mosey on over HERE!

Have a most blisfully lived day!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Self Deception....

Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings wonderful light beings!!! About a week or so ago, I had a fantastically profound dream that I wish to share with you in hopes that it will shed some light onto your life as it did for me....

I was walking through a wooded area searching for a home when I spotted the most beautiful set of town houses. As I approached the building, I spotted a sign that read, 'office'. I started toward the door when I noticed a boa constrictor of an exaggerated size. Horrified, I turned away from the building and continued in the direction from whence I came. A few steps away, I was stopped dead in my tracks by a coiled up rattle snake. It raised it's head and began to rise upward. Then, it struck at me, barely missing. So I decided that I'd take my chances with the boa constrictor and went inside of the office building. Inside was a friendly lady who apologized about the snake (it was her pet.) and talked to me about getting set up in a town house. She said that there wasn't really an opening, but if I sent reiki to the situation, maybe something would work out. The she held a rodent in her hand and threw it to the floor where it transformed into a irresistably beautiful white kitten. She told me that I could have it and I picked it up and cuddled it, then the dream was over.

Upon waking, I pondered my dream for awhile because it 'felt' like an important message and indeed it was....If you're familiar with Kundalini energy, you know that it is symbolized by a coiled snake rising upwards. Being bitten by the 'Kundalini snake ' is likened to self realization. The important part of my dream is that I was almost bitten, but turned away from my self realization and took what seemed to be the 'easier' or 'safer' route. But when I did, I was deceived. Not by the woman, but by myself. I convinced myself that this was where I was supposed to be. I even allowed myself to believe that a rodent was a beautiful kitten!

How many of you deceive yourselves everyday? Do you really love your job or do you accept it because you feel you can't do any better? Is your relationship what you've dreamed it to be, or is it one big misery, that you convince yourself is worth the struggle because you have bills to pay and besides, "what would the neighbors think"? In his book, 'Personal Development for Smart People', Steve Pavlina suggests that we conduct a 'self assesment'. He lists the main areas of human life and has you to rate them from 1-10. I invite you to do to this, you'll be suprised at your results. Below is the list from the book. Give each area of your life a score that reflects how you feel about that particular area of your life.

Health & Daily routine
Career & Work
Money & Finances
Health & Fitness
Mental Development & Education
Socail Life and Relationships
Home & Family
Character & Integrity
Life Purpose & Contribution
Spiritual Development

After rating every area, Pavlina then instructs us to take every number that isn't a nine or ten and replace it with a one. "Why?" you may ask. But the truth is, a 7 or 8 is just your way of saying, "It's not what I want, but..." That's self deception! Stop deceiving yourself. Love yourself enough to take the raod less traveled and know that no matter what happens, the Universe loves you and you'll be okay! Don't turn your back on your TRUE destiny, you know, the one YOU design and no one else!!!!!

Personal Development for Smart People by Steve Pavlina is a marvelous book. Visit for tons of articles to inspire your life.

Friday, January 29, 2010

"Self-love and self-care are a 'delicious cycle'. The more self-love we discover, the better we want to take care of ourselves; and the more we care for ourselves, the more self-love we will uncover in the process."
-Asante George from Living our Bliss

I absolutely cherish this book. It's like my pocket-guide to health and happiness!!!!

And speaking of Health and Happiness....I wanted to remind everyone that there are still 2 days left to enter this months contest for a chane to win an amazing 'self-help' goody bag!!!! This goody bag contains books, some yummy 'spirit foods', a beautiful mala, and a meditation guide! To enter, simply send an email to me telling me about the changes you wish to see in 2010. Any changes you wish whether they be personal or global. Send your entries to by Jan 31st. I will choose a winner from my heart. Good Luck!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The nature of change...

“If you don't get what you want, you suffer; if you get what you don't want, you suffer; even when you get exactly what you want, you still suffer because you can't hold on to it forever. Your mind is your predicament. It wants to be free of change. Free of pain, free of the obligations of life and death. But change is a law, and no amount of pretending will alter that reality.”

 Dan Millman from Way of the Peaceful Warrior

I often wonder if change is supposed to be a 'natural' fear for us. It doesn't seem that it should be because change is the Universal language. Night becomes Day, Winter becomes Spring, Life becomes Death. We see change everywhere around us everyday, yet we are sooooo afraid of embracing it. We get so stuck in our awful routines that we lose our sense of wonder and curiosity. Where's the spontaneity? Where's the passion? Where's the growth? Where's the change? I believe that we all could live more fulfilling lives if we made change a part of our daily regime. So I give you a new *Mission of the Week*....

Make a slight change to your life everyday. Even if you just take the scenic route to work while enjoying your favorite music, switch it up a bit. Renew you lust for life by embracing change and accepting it as a part of the natural flow of things.

I am currently reading Living Our Bliss by the beautiful sun goddess Asante George. For all of you who have ever thought raw foods where too complicated......pleeeeeeease read this book. She gives raw food a much more simple, natural, and gentle approach while still managing to let you know exactly how everything works. Not only does this book include nutrition information, but she includes some unique yuuuuuuumy recipes as well as much needed detox tips. There's also a 'resources' section that provides you with links and other fabulous books to further aid you on your RAW journey.
Living Our Bliss could be the beginning of a beautiful transformation in your life. You'd be astonished at the changes that eating (at least 50%) raw could bring into your life. It's so much more than nutrition.

Ooooooooooodles of LOVE,

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am that I am.....

I am woman. I am proud. I am humble. I am grateful.
I am selfish at times, but I give of myself freely.
I am a warrior, though I am as delicate as a rose armored with dew.
I am brown and a bit overweight. I am beautiful. I am a goddess.
I am a Dryad and a Diva at once.
I am a wolf, fierce and strong.
I am an owl, wise and ever knowing.
I am an elephant, ancient and sacred.
I am a mother. I am the Mother.
I am a reflection of you as you are a refection of me.
I am love, ever giving.
I am that I am. Who are You?

The year has just begun, yet so many shifts seem to be taking place. I feel it in my bones, the very structure of my being. Get ready for some major changes in your lives. Greet these changes with love and open arms and know that you are taken care of in every moment!!!

Who would like a chance to win a 'goody bag' filled with things to inspire your life! This goody bag contains books, some yummy 'spirit foods', a beautiful mala, and a meditation guide! For your chance to win, send an email to me telling me about the changes you wish to see in 2010. Any changes you wish whether they be personal or global. Send your entries to by Jan 31st. I will choose a winner from my heart.

(PS) Feel free to forward this contest to your friends and family!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tera's Attitude Adjustment....

How do you look at your life? When you consider the things that happen in a day, a week, a year, how do you view your role in it all?

Do you view yourself as the passive participant in the soap opera of life, or are you the clever creator of all that happens to you?

When you wake up in the morning, are you ready and rarin’ to take on the day, or dreading the never-ending to do list?

When you walk in the street and look out at other people, what kind of thoughts are you thinking?

What about when you look at yourself in the mirror? Are you critical and judgmental, or compassionate and kind? What about in your relationships and professional life? When things aren’t going well, do you point the finger, or ask yourself what more you can take responsibility for?

Do you hear yourself making a lot of excuses or apologies?

Do you validate the things that go right or feel focused on where things are troubled and difficult?

We talk a lot about the things we have to get done in a day, but criticism is bad for your liver and anger makes your armpits stink! Grumpiness puts ugly wrinkles all over your forehead and face, too! There is nothing beautiful, attractive or remotely empowering about being a GRUMP or a complainer. So let’s make this the year of good vibrations, baby!! Out with the crust, lift up your bust and show the world how beautiful life is!!

Understand that crabby people don’t feel good about themselves or they wouldn’t be crabby in the first place. Rather than bitch and complain about what other people do wrong, do it right. Rather than tell other people they’ve pissed you off, tell them how much you appreciate something they did.

When you feel like everything is wrong, find the one thing that is right about it all, and things will all turn around. Life is as positive and as pleasurable as you are able to wrap your attitude around your experiences. Reach out, stretch your heart wide open and make enough room to love one more person. Then make enough room to love them all and watch how doing so makes loving yourself a whole lot easier. You can do it, Sunshine. You can make this your best year EVER. I know you can and I’m rooting for you until my pom-poms fall apart!

I love Tera! She's so wise and she makes my funny bones sing. If you want to read her entire post, you can find it HERE!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New YOU Resolutions!!!!!!

GREEEEEEETINGS!!!! I hope everyone had an ecstatic holliday season and is looking forward to a blissful 2010!!! My girls marveled in the fun of the season, especially my 11 month old baby, Zoe. She was completely enamored by the lights, sounds, and all the yummy wrapping paper she enjoyed eating :-)!!!

It's almost time for the new year and we all know exactly what that entails....NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! In light of this reality, I have decided to dedicate this issue of The Enlightener to give a few tips and tools to help make your transformations enjoyable!

The most popular New Year's resolution is always "I'm going to get rid of these extra pounds and become healthier." That is usually followed by a membership to gym that is only used for throughout January and part of February or until the pact is broken by that HUGE piece of chocolate cake :-( !!! Well, let's NOT do that this year, because first of all, you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are! Let's make the resolution to become healthier sound a little more like this...."I'm going to make myself even more beautiful by taking care of my body and honoring myself by doing things that will support a more healthy lifestyle." Follow that up with a few yoga DVD's or a Rebounder (much cheaper than a gym membership!) and lots of positive reinforcement. Know that by choosing a healthier way of life, you are supporting your spirituality and allowing yourself to more fully align with the Universe. Below, I have made a list of yuuuumy resources you can check out!
  • The Feminine Unfolding with Angela Farmer is an inspiring yoga DVD that teaches yoga in such a way that it connects us to our organic state of being. It's notexactly traditional, but that's part of what makes it soooooooo alluring!
  • Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers is another powerful yoga DVD. This one not only explores yoga, it also teaches meditation techniques as well as encourages inner insight along with your practice.
  • Inner Body Flow with Angela Farmer. What can I say? I'm a devoted Angela Farmer fan!!! This DVD is friendly to beginner's as well as the most advanced yoga lovers!
  • The "Profoundly Raw" Ebook. This FREE ebook contains 12 chapters, contributed by 12 well-known raw food authors, combining to offer an inspiring overview of a raw food lifestyle...I personally recommend at least 50% raw foods to anyone who wishes to become healthier and more vibrant. This book gives a variety of insight as well as a good starting point to get to know some of the leading pioneers in the raw food movement.
Everyone uses this time to dedicate themselves to making the changes they wish to see in their lives. One way to insure that this happens is to use affirmations and flood yourself with positive reinforcement. Here are a few more tips and resources for you to enjoy!
  • Create an 'affirmation book' for yourself. I created a book filled with wonderful affirmations as well as famous quotes and beautiful poetry and gave them away as Christmas Gifts! This can be a fun project for anyone to enjoy! Create a set of Affirmations that support your resolutions and put them in a book accompanied by lyrics to your favorite inspiring songs, poetry, snippets from your fav books, etc. You can create a file on Works and put fun pics throughout the pages. After you print it, take it to fedx and have it nicely bound for yourself to enjoy. Or if you want it to be more organic to your personality, you can write everything out in a notebook and cut pages from magazines to paste throughout. Have fun!!!!
  • I know I've mentioned Innertalk Cds like a million times, but it's only because I'm so enthused by their ability to effect us in such a profound way. If you visit the site, you will most definately find a CD to support any transformation or purpose.
  • Shazzie Speaks 2.0 is an amazing program that includes TONS of life altering material. I purchased this as a gift to myself and I'm LOVING it. Change your world ONE THOUGHT AT A TIME!!!!!
  • The Key by Jack Canfield is a nice little book that helps to put the law of attraction to work in your life. It's in a workbook format that will help you define your goals, create affirmations and begin creating the reality you desire. Absolutely PERFECT!!!!
  • Spirit Foods....I know that sounds funny, but there really are some foods that help us become more connected. Try consuming them with gratitude and an open heart. There's nothing more beautiful than feeling Mother Earth's love flowing through your body. A few 'Spirit Foods' are....reishi mushrooms, blue/crystal manna, chamae rose, suma, purple corn, he shou wu, Schizandra berry, all etherium powders, etc.
I hope that everyone has a marvelous 2010!!!!!! Have fun creating the year you desire. I know I will!!! :-)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Stress Free....

Hi Guys!!!!! Is everyone ready for the holidays????? I hope that you all are blissed out by all the extra love and excitment in the air. It's amazing at what this time of year seems to do to people. They're either radiantly cheerful or overly stressed. I've had a few clients that are worn down from all the pressure to buy, buy, buy and I can't stress enough of the importance of just relaxing and enjoying this time with our loved ones. My girls and I have had a marvelous time making gifts for our friends and family that are filled with love. However, if you are stressed and need a major 'destressing' here are a few things that can help.
  • Reiki Anyone???? Find a reiki practictioner in your area and treat yourself to a reiki session. If money is an issue, there are almost always free reiki circles that are comprised of loving individuals dedicated to sharing reiki with the world. 
  • Free Hypnosis! offers a free stress reducing hypnosis session that you can enjoy from the comfortof you own bed! For mor info visit They also offer a number of other amazing freebies.
  • Find an amazingly interesting novel to get lost in. (there's nothing wrong with a little 'escape' every now and then!) If you like to spend time with fairies, vampires, and other magical creatures like me, send me an email and I'll give you a list of the most delicious literature eva!
  • Have FUN!!! I know we all think that we have all of these monotonous obligations, but the truth is, we can choose to do whatever we want! When you get off of work tomorrow, instead of going home and doing all those things that seem inevitable (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) do something ecstatic! The chores will be there waiting once you're less tense. After all, a happy you is more important than a clean house :-)
Hope these are helpful! Have a yummy day!:-)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's arts and crafts time...YAAAAY!!!!!

I was browsing around (aimlessly!) on the web and found this really cool mandala coloring meditation site. I LOVE to color (I have a three year old so I guess that's my excuse!) so this was right along my path of fun time busters! You can download a nifty mandala kit for FREE!!!! This kit includes 20 printable mandala coloring pages, madala meditation instructions and mp3, ten tips to begin your mandala healing journey, and mandala soundscape music. I'm enjoying it and encourage you to give it a try!!!! To begin coloring your way to ecstacy.......CLICK HERE!

“Creativity is seeing something that doesn’t exist already. You need to find out how you can bring it into being and in that way, be a playmate with God.” -Michele Shea

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blissful Communication.....


Lately I've noticed that I've been having some issues surrounding communication and the way that I voice my needs or wants. Generally....I don't! I usually take the silent route and handle things internally. I somehow subconsciously expect for others to know or understand my needs, and when they don't, I often feel let down in some way. One of the "Four Agreements" (Don Miguel Ruiz) states that we should "assume nothing" and when I do this, it's not fair to myself or those around me.  This has always been a problem for me because I like to ensure everyone's happiness and often at the expense of my own. I've started to realize that regardless of my motives, this isn't a healthy habit to embrace. So I've decided to make a conscious change and learn to communicate more effectively so that everyone is happy! This morning, I began reading Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. This book teaches us how to always speak from a space of compassion and truth. Next on my list is Bliss Conscious Communication. I've also been doing a bit of work on my throat chakra to help keep it balanced and healthy. If anyone has any other suggestions that may help with my 'Communication Transformation', I'd love for you to share them.

"When we have the courage to speak our minds and use our voice to send the desires of our hearts from our inner world to the world outside, we take a bold step in making them happen. By removing fear of what others may think and expectation of what others should understand, we free ourselves and our thoughts from the bondage of the mental chamber and let loose our desires onto the canvas of the world. Next time we become aware that we have a choice about how to communicate, we can choose to use our outside voice and watch its creative power at work. " -Freeing Our Inner Voices (The Daily Om)


I have another excellent gift suggestion for all of you who would like to give the gift of inspiration for the Holiday Season!!! Repunzel Gifts offers a variety of relaxing and inspriational kits to give your loved ones. There's a Budha Gift Set that seemes perfect for someone you may know who is interested in learning meditation. It comes with a  Buddha statue, Sandalwood incense, a soapstone lotus flower incense burner and a Reiki charged WISDOM aromatherapy pillar candle and a glass candle holder. It also includes a Sandalwood mala for meditation, a little book for exploring Buddha's teachings and a two disc set for meditation and reflection. To check out this gift set along with other great gift ideas from Repunzel Gifts, CLICK HERE!

*Mission of the Week*

Don't forget your affirmations this week!!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Book Fairy....

Yummmmmmmmmyyy...I have something truly delicious for you to sink your teeth into. For those of you who have yet to discover the marvelous effects of yoga and can't make it to a yoga class or afford expensive yoga DVDs, here's something you'll love.....a FREE yoga guide and 7 day yoga ecourse!!! This guide is sure to get you going on your path to a blissful yoga practice. To get your FREE ecourse, CLICK HERE!

Speaking of yummy things. I just finished digesting what is now one of my favorite pieces of literature. Personal Devlopment for Smart People by Steve Pavlina (A Hay House Publication of course!!!) is possibly the best book ever written on the subject of personal growth. Steve covers every end of the spectrum from health and money to relationships and spirituality.It's easy to read and understand (no fancy psycho babble!).  I wish I was book fairy so that I could make this wonderful peice of literature appear on your nightstand while you sleep, but since I'm not, pleeeeeease hop over to the book store (or Amazon!) and pick up a copy. You'll thank me later!

 *Mission of the Week*

I love working with affirmations. They allow us to create exactly what we want through the power of our words. If there's something in your life you'd like to change, try speaking your intentions for the situation aloud. A examples of affirmations are: I am Divine. I am loved. I am safe. I am successful. etc. Every affirmation will speak to a particular part of your being and after repeating them daily you begin to believe what you're saying and therefore, co creating the very affirmation. It's such a simple thing to do and yet, so effective. You can create any affirmation you'd like: I am thin. I am sexy. Whatever! Just be sure to create positive thoughts about yourself and your life daily and watch the positive energy you create grow. Do this everyday this week upon waking, in the shower, the car ride to work, on your lunch break, or any random time you choose.

"The words "I am" are potent words; be careful what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you." -A.L. Kitselman

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm baaaack.....

Gloooorious Greeeeeetings!!!! I have missed you all soooooo much!!! I decided to take a mini vacation over Thanksgiving so that I could be fully present with my loved ones. Most of whom I hadn't seen in over a year. It was quite an enjoyable time!!! But I am back now and in effect!!!!

Kate Magic is holding a wonderful celebration in light of her Magic Bubble launching. She's offering a FREE month subscription to one lucky winner of her Magical contest!!! All you need to do to enter is send her an email telling her the most magical thing that has happened to you lately. For more deets Click Here!
I also wanted to mention that 'DJ MAGIC' has compiled an amazing mixture of music that is sure to tickle your fancy! You can download the entire compilation for FREE by clicking here! Kate is such a diverse being. She makes me go giggly!!!! :-)

*Sharing Wisdom*

This bit of wisdom found it's way into my inbox and I wanted to share it with you. Here are six ways to make life more blissful.
"How To Find Your Bliss".....

1. Be grateful for being alive. A lot of people are too busy grumbling about things to be happy for life. Life is precious and daily recognition of your luck in being here is a must.

2. Count your friends. Whether you have two or twenty, every friend is precious. Let them know how much they mean to you - with compliments and kind words. They are an important part of your bliss, just as you are a part of theirs.

3. Read biographies. When great people who have impressed you have written about their lives, or someone else has written about them, you will get lots of tips and information on how to live life right.

4. Seek bliss deliberately. Don't let life's knocks squash you. Things are not always going to work the way you want to. Deal with that and don't lose your calm. Seek the silver lining and remember that you are wonderful and deserve your bliss.

5. Be a kind and fascinating person. When you are kind and listen well, others will gravitate to you. Practice kind thoughts everyday. If you feel anger, irritation or frustration, it is time to seek ways to deal with these feelings. Let the calm of life blow through you.

6. Be blissful. When you are happy, you are attractive, fun and enjoyable to be with. You are content with your lot and you are stable in your life's choices.

*Happy Holidays*

The Holidays are here and I have been giving much reflection to this time and what it means. Whether you're celebrating the birth of your Ascended Savior, the rededication of the Holy Temple, the The Great Mother's birth to the Sun King, or the transformation of Mother Earth, the focus of this time should be one of love, compassion, and meditation. So this year I've decided to give 'life enhancing' gifts to my loved ones. One excellent suggestion that was shared with me was Aura sprays. They are made with organic natural colors, organic and wild-crafted essential oils, and vibrational essences from gemstones. Aura sprays are color energized and are specifically designed to harmonize and balance your aura and your personal environment. Each spray is designed to clear space and to activate, balance and protect your personal aura. They are made in small batches during peak astrological times with the guidance and influence of archetypal and angelic beings.

You can get them in eight different colors:

Red: Energizing and Grounding
Orange: Creativity and Wisdom
Yellow: Joy and Bliss
Green: Balance and Direction
Blue: Peace and Communication
Pink: Unconditional Love
Purple: Healing and Transformation
Clear: Purifying and Cleansing

 I think these will make a unique gift that will be greatly appreciated. You can read more about them HERE!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reprogram Yourself....

Glorious Greeeeetings!!! Today I have something yummy for you to bite into... Kate Magic has just launched her Magic Bubble!!!! Kate's Magic Bubble is a site dedicated to putting love into the system and creating a wave of magic across the Universe. Kate is a hip hop, raw food, spiritual ecstasist, mama who has much wizdom to share with the world. Check her out!!! Right now she has a free interview up on the site that shares how to put more LOVE into "the system", how to get in the flow and tap into magic and synchronicity, and even the top 5 foods to bring more magic into your life. If you wish to taste a bit of her wizdom Click Here!!!

LOOOOVE listening to chats and interviews with a positive message while doing chores or cozying up on the couch with a cup of tea. I also like to play Innertalk CDs (Innertalk uses subliminal technology to enhance a variety of life and spiritual qualities.) in the background throughout the day. I get soooo much more from them than watching television! When we occupy ouselves with things that enhance our lives with wisdom and positivity as opposed to mind numbing garbage (which of course is quite entertaining at times!), we reprogram ourselves to think positively and in turn are able to attract more positivity into our lives. Stock up on positive media and indulge in them when you need a boost!!!!

The Winner of this month's contest is JUSTIN from Boulder. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Thankyou sooo much to all of you for sharing your beautiful faiths with me!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


There is sooooo much to be thankful for coming into Thanksgiving!!!! Even through all the hardships I've experienced this year, I find myself walking away from them with valuable lessons and a deep sense of gratitude for the chance to have experienced them. People always say that it is from our hardships that we grow. I always took that to heart, but never really fully comprehended the meaning until now. Earlier this year someone very special to me was taken from this realm in a most vicious manner. On March 5th, my grandfather was killed while sitting with my great grandmother in her home. I grew very bitter for a while wondering how and why these things happen to beautifully innocent people. I'd never felt such rage, nor had I ever felt so violated and victimized. I felt hatred which was a new emotion for me. But through this experience, I've come to know what forgiveness truly is and to understand what it really means to love unconditionally. It's easy to forgive those we love and care about and it's easy to not care about those we don't love. Learning to love those who have hurt you isn't an easy thing to do, but holding on to anger only hinders our own Divine happiness. I felt compeled to share this with you all in hopes that you will learn to liberate yourselves through the power of forgiveness.


To enter this month's contest, your entries have to be in by midnight tonight. Send an email to telling me a little about your beliefs and you will have a chance to own a beautiful Angel kit from the marvelous Doreen Virtue. Hope to hear from YOU

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unconditionally love...

"Love is the imprint of your beingness. In knowing that, you will understand why lesser actions fall short. But more importantly, you will begin unfolding that special nature which you were really created to be. Think of love, not as an action....Love is a quality unbounded by fences and magnitudes, which derives it's power from God, the ultimate source of love.

Love is unversally free. Thus, in being love, so are you. Your body may be imprisoned, but your love has no boundaries.

Love commands the adamantine particles. Thus in being love, you take command of your life.

Love is the master of conditions, not the servant of them. Thus in being love, you are no man's slave...

Love is universally resonant and in being love, you are also resonant with life. There are no conditions to the truth of who you are. It is your sacred right to be the love that you are, and that is unconditional." -Ascended Master Jesus from Love Without End by Glenda Green (Based on her encounter with Jesus. A mesmorizing message of message of love that will inspire everyone regardless of their faith.)