Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Reprogram Yourself....

Glorious Greeeeetings!!! Today I have something yummy for you to bite into... Kate Magic has just launched her Magic Bubble!!!! Kate's Magic Bubble is a site dedicated to putting love into the system and creating a wave of magic across the Universe. Kate is a hip hop, raw food, spiritual ecstasist, mama who has much wizdom to share with the world. Check her out!!! Right now she has a free interview up on the site that shares how to put more LOVE into "the system", how to get in the flow and tap into magic and synchronicity, and even the top 5 foods to bring more magic into your life. If you wish to taste a bit of her wizdom Click Here!!!

LOOOOVE listening to chats and interviews with a positive message while doing chores or cozying up on the couch with a cup of tea. I also like to play Innertalk CDs (Innertalk uses subliminal technology to enhance a variety of life and spiritual qualities.) in the background throughout the day. I get soooo much more from them than watching television! When we occupy ouselves with things that enhance our lives with wisdom and positivity as opposed to mind numbing garbage (which of course is quite entertaining at times!), we reprogram ourselves to think positively and in turn are able to attract more positivity into our lives. Stock up on positive media and indulge in them when you need a boost!!!!

The Winner of this month's contest is JUSTIN from Boulder. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Thankyou sooo much to all of you for sharing your beautiful faiths with me!

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