Monday, November 9, 2009

Her Holiness....

I just had a major shift of consciousness!!!! After listening to Her Holiness Sai Maa speak on the future human (the evolution of spirit), I have soooo much hope and excitement for humanity. As a lightworker, I found this interview to be extremely enlightening. Her Holiness spoke of Love, Relationships, DNA Remembrance, The Ego of the Spiritual Leader (lightworker) and the many gifts we are to recover from our Ancient pasts. She also gave a compassionate warning to learn from those ancient pasts and come into a space where love rules. While watching HH Sai Maa speak, I could see the love for humanity pouring from her and I thought, "I want to have the same capacity of love and compassion for humanity." Not just the kind of love that says, 'I accept you and I care for you no matter what.' but the kind that says, 'You and I are One and I love you as I love myself.' Can you imagine the Utopia we'll live in once everyone comes to that realization? If you want to watch Her Holiness speak to the depths of your soul Click Here! (If you are a spiritual leader or teacher of anykind, I highly suggest that you see this. It could change your perspective on your entire practice!)

*Mission of the Week*

Our Mission of the Week has been to spread peace. I found that this is really one of the most natural instincts we have! My 9 month old (rainbow baby!) has a way of making everyone's day a little brighter! Even when we're in the market she always finds someone to cheer up with her radiant energy. This made me realize exactly how loving and forgiving we were in our natural state. So I've been trying to be more child like all week long!!!

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