Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm baaaack.....

Gloooorious Greeeeeetings!!!! I have missed you all soooooo much!!! I decided to take a mini vacation over Thanksgiving so that I could be fully present with my loved ones. Most of whom I hadn't seen in over a year. It was quite an enjoyable time!!! But I am back now and in effect!!!!

Kate Magic is holding a wonderful celebration in light of her Magic Bubble launching. She's offering a FREE month subscription to one lucky winner of her Magical contest!!! All you need to do to enter is send her an email telling her the most magical thing that has happened to you lately. For more deets Click Here!
I also wanted to mention that 'DJ MAGIC' has compiled an amazing mixture of music that is sure to tickle your fancy! You can download the entire compilation for FREE by clicking here! Kate is such a diverse being. She makes me go giggly!!!! :-)

*Sharing Wisdom*

This bit of wisdom found it's way into my inbox and I wanted to share it with you. Here are six ways to make life more blissful.
"How To Find Your Bliss".....

1. Be grateful for being alive. A lot of people are too busy grumbling about things to be happy for life. Life is precious and daily recognition of your luck in being here is a must.

2. Count your friends. Whether you have two or twenty, every friend is precious. Let them know how much they mean to you - with compliments and kind words. They are an important part of your bliss, just as you are a part of theirs.

3. Read biographies. When great people who have impressed you have written about their lives, or someone else has written about them, you will get lots of tips and information on how to live life right.

4. Seek bliss deliberately. Don't let life's knocks squash you. Things are not always going to work the way you want to. Deal with that and don't lose your calm. Seek the silver lining and remember that you are wonderful and deserve your bliss.

5. Be a kind and fascinating person. When you are kind and listen well, others will gravitate to you. Practice kind thoughts everyday. If you feel anger, irritation or frustration, it is time to seek ways to deal with these feelings. Let the calm of life blow through you.

6. Be blissful. When you are happy, you are attractive, fun and enjoyable to be with. You are content with your lot and you are stable in your life's choices.

*Happy Holidays*

The Holidays are here and I have been giving much reflection to this time and what it means. Whether you're celebrating the birth of your Ascended Savior, the rededication of the Holy Temple, the The Great Mother's birth to the Sun King, or the transformation of Mother Earth, the focus of this time should be one of love, compassion, and meditation. So this year I've decided to give 'life enhancing' gifts to my loved ones. One excellent suggestion that was shared with me was Aura sprays. They are made with organic natural colors, organic and wild-crafted essential oils, and vibrational essences from gemstones. Aura sprays are color energized and are specifically designed to harmonize and balance your aura and your personal environment. Each spray is designed to clear space and to activate, balance and protect your personal aura. They are made in small batches during peak astrological times with the guidance and influence of archetypal and angelic beings.

You can get them in eight different colors:

Red: Energizing and Grounding
Orange: Creativity and Wisdom
Yellow: Joy and Bliss
Green: Balance and Direction
Blue: Peace and Communication
Pink: Unconditional Love
Purple: Healing and Transformation
Clear: Purifying and Cleansing

 I think these will make a unique gift that will be greatly appreciated. You can read more about them HERE!

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