Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no more organics???

I received this letter in my inbox today from Jinjee Talifero of and I found it to be quite alarming....

"I usually don't mix my occasional activism with this newsletter as I like to keep things positive in here - but this issue seems like it could use as much help as we can give it...I'm not abreast of the seriousness of this issue -- I haven't done the research myself...but I don't think it could hurt to let our voices count for organics and against GMOs! According to this report, legislation is taking place to further support GMO farmers and allow them to contaminate organic crops with their genetically modified strains, which happens through cross-pollenation as the wind carries their GMO pollen to nearby organic farms...essentially turning that organic produce into GMO produce also...So, by signing this online petition you can send a message to help keep our food organic! We only have til Wednesday at 5:00 to get this signed."

I hope that you all will sign this petition. I don't knowabout you, but I believe that we should have the option of purchasing uncontaminated food. To sign the petition, CLICK HERE!!!

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