Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New YOU Resolutions!!!!!!

GREEEEEEETINGS!!!! I hope everyone had an ecstatic holliday season and is looking forward to a blissful 2010!!! My girls marveled in the fun of the season, especially my 11 month old baby, Zoe. She was completely enamored by the lights, sounds, and all the yummy wrapping paper she enjoyed eating :-)!!!

It's almost time for the new year and we all know exactly what that entails....NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! In light of this reality, I have decided to dedicate this issue of The Enlightener to give a few tips and tools to help make your transformations enjoyable!

The most popular New Year's resolution is always "I'm going to get rid of these extra pounds and become healthier." That is usually followed by a membership to gym that is only used for throughout January and part of February or until the pact is broken by that HUGE piece of chocolate cake :-( !!! Well, let's NOT do that this year, because first of all, you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are! Let's make the resolution to become healthier sound a little more like this...."I'm going to make myself even more beautiful by taking care of my body and honoring myself by doing things that will support a more healthy lifestyle." Follow that up with a few yoga DVD's or a Rebounder (much cheaper than a gym membership!) and lots of positive reinforcement. Know that by choosing a healthier way of life, you are supporting your spirituality and allowing yourself to more fully align with the Universe. Below, I have made a list of yuuuumy resources you can check out!
  • The Feminine Unfolding with Angela Farmer is an inspiring yoga DVD that teaches yoga in such a way that it connects us to our organic state of being. It's notexactly traditional, but that's part of what makes it soooooooo alluring!
  • Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers is another powerful yoga DVD. This one not only explores yoga, it also teaches meditation techniques as well as encourages inner insight along with your practice.
  • Inner Body Flow with Angela Farmer. What can I say? I'm a devoted Angela Farmer fan!!! This DVD is friendly to beginner's as well as the most advanced yoga lovers!
  • The "Profoundly Raw" Ebook. This FREE ebook contains 12 chapters, contributed by 12 well-known raw food authors, combining to offer an inspiring overview of a raw food lifestyle...I personally recommend at least 50% raw foods to anyone who wishes to become healthier and more vibrant. This book gives a variety of insight as well as a good starting point to get to know some of the leading pioneers in the raw food movement.
Everyone uses this time to dedicate themselves to making the changes they wish to see in their lives. One way to insure that this happens is to use affirmations and flood yourself with positive reinforcement. Here are a few more tips and resources for you to enjoy!
  • Create an 'affirmation book' for yourself. I created a book filled with wonderful affirmations as well as famous quotes and beautiful poetry and gave them away as Christmas Gifts! This can be a fun project for anyone to enjoy! Create a set of Affirmations that support your resolutions and put them in a book accompanied by lyrics to your favorite inspiring songs, poetry, snippets from your fav books, etc. You can create a file on Works and put fun pics throughout the pages. After you print it, take it to fedx and have it nicely bound for yourself to enjoy. Or if you want it to be more organic to your personality, you can write everything out in a notebook and cut pages from magazines to paste throughout. Have fun!!!!
  • I know I've mentioned Innertalk Cds like a million times, but it's only because I'm so enthused by their ability to effect us in such a profound way. If you visit the site, you will most definately find a CD to support any transformation or purpose.
  • Shazzie Speaks 2.0 is an amazing program that includes TONS of life altering material. I purchased this as a gift to myself and I'm LOVING it. Change your world ONE THOUGHT AT A TIME!!!!!
  • The Key by Jack Canfield is a nice little book that helps to put the law of attraction to work in your life. It's in a workbook format that will help you define your goals, create affirmations and begin creating the reality you desire. Absolutely PERFECT!!!!
  • Spirit Foods....I know that sounds funny, but there really are some foods that help us become more connected. Try consuming them with gratitude and an open heart. There's nothing more beautiful than feeling Mother Earth's love flowing through your body. A few 'Spirit Foods' are....reishi mushrooms, blue/crystal manna, chamae rose, suma, purple corn, he shou wu, Schizandra berry, all etherium powders, etc.
I hope that everyone has a marvelous 2010!!!!!! Have fun creating the year you desire. I know I will!!! :-)

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