Friday, December 18, 2009

Stress Free....

Hi Guys!!!!! Is everyone ready for the holidays????? I hope that you all are blissed out by all the extra love and excitment in the air. It's amazing at what this time of year seems to do to people. They're either radiantly cheerful or overly stressed. I've had a few clients that are worn down from all the pressure to buy, buy, buy and I can't stress enough of the importance of just relaxing and enjoying this time with our loved ones. My girls and I have had a marvelous time making gifts for our friends and family that are filled with love. However, if you are stressed and need a major 'destressing' here are a few things that can help.
  • Reiki Anyone???? Find a reiki practictioner in your area and treat yourself to a reiki session. If money is an issue, there are almost always free reiki circles that are comprised of loving individuals dedicated to sharing reiki with the world. 
  • Free Hypnosis! offers a free stress reducing hypnosis session that you can enjoy from the comfortof you own bed! For mor info visit They also offer a number of other amazing freebies.
  • Find an amazingly interesting novel to get lost in. (there's nothing wrong with a little 'escape' every now and then!) If you like to spend time with fairies, vampires, and other magical creatures like me, send me an email and I'll give you a list of the most delicious literature eva!
  • Have FUN!!! I know we all think that we have all of these monotonous obligations, but the truth is, we can choose to do whatever we want! When you get off of work tomorrow, instead of going home and doing all those things that seem inevitable (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.) do something ecstatic! The chores will be there waiting once you're less tense. After all, a happy you is more important than a clean house :-)
Hope these are helpful! Have a yummy day!:-)

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