Tuesday, September 22, 2009


A few weeks ago I woke up one morning with a heart overflowing with gratitude. (the morning I came up with concept of The Enlightener of course!) I was completely elated with life! I felt as if all of my wishes for this life had come true and I was in a state of pure bliss. I can’t remember my dream from the night before, but maybe that had something to do with it. Once the initial feeling wore off, I got to thinking…what if every waking moment was like that? What if I was always grateful for where I am now? What if I could wake up every morning and be so blissed by the blessings I have that I didn’t notice the things that I don’t have. Then I had the greatest revelation….I CAN!!! Why not live each moment ecstatically? So every day before I go to bed, I write down a list of all the wonderful things I experienced throughout my day, no matter how small. That may seem to be tedious, but what I’ve noticed is that day by day, things get better and better and I attract more positivity into my life because I focus on more positivity.
I’d like to invite you to join me in this. Every night, make a list of at least three things that made your day brighter. You’ll begin to consciously notice every small miracle in life and by doing so, you’ll create a positive energy that affects every aspect of your life in a positive manner. That is your *mission of the week*. Take this small action to create a life abundant in gratitude.

"You must be what it is that you’re seeking. This is a universe of attraction and energy…"   -Wayne Dyer


Remember, Friday is the deadline to send your entries in to win a copy of The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz. Just send a quick email to me at sacred.solutions@hotmail.com letting me know about yourself and your journey. Thank you to those of you who have already done so. I am honored to have you all share your stories with me.

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