Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today is throat chakra day. Vishuddha, the throat chakra, acts as a transition point between the higher and lower chakras. When energy descends from our higher chakras, the throat chakra transforms the energy to make it more functional for the more dense chakras. The element Ether is the unification of all the elements and transcends all space, time, and boundaries. Like Ether, this chakra has an expansive quality and helps us to raise our consciousness. The Vishuddha chakra is also our space of communication and truth.

Location: Base of throat

Color: Blue

Element: Ether/Space

Functionality: communication, self expression, use of will, speaking your truth, metabolism, ear, nose, and throat functions.

Signs of dysfunction: poor listening skill, speaking too much or too loudly(boisterous), speaking too little or too softly(shy), unable to express oneself, fear of speaking one's truth, cowardice, ear, throat or thyroid problems.

Mantra: HAM (in keynote G)

To bring balance to the Vishuddha chakra, repeat the mantra, HAM, aloud until you feel the connection of the sound to the chakra. Then sit in silence for a few minutes. After a few moments of silent begin to chant the mantra once again. Doing this exercise will help balance the verbal and nonverbal attributes of the throat chakra.

You guys have been absolutely amazing! It's been such a joy hearing your feedback  and I'm glad that these excersizes are helpful to some of you!!!!

Tomorrow we will begin a new contest and I'm ecstatic!!!! I've got something yuuuuummmmyyyy in share!

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