Friday, September 25, 2009

Universal Energy

Helloooooo out there! It's FRIDAY!!! Tomorrow I go for my reiki level II attunment and I'm soooooo excited. Reiki is truly a life transforming energy! If you've never heard of reiki, it is a spiritual healing modality that uses Universal life force energy to cleanse, balance, and heal. It works through your esoteric body. Reiki heals on all levels including Mind, Body, & Spirit. If you ever want to know more about reiki or would like to receive reiki healing, feel free to email me:  I'd love to share this beautiful healing energy with you!

"No one can multiply himself by himself. He must first divide himself and give himself to the service of all, thus placing himself within all others through acts of thoughtfulness and service." -Walter Russell from The Man Who Tapped thesecrets of the Universe

Today is the last day to send in your contest entries to win a copy of The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz. So be sure to send your emails to letting me know a bit about yourself. Again, it does not have to be personal, just introduce yourselves! I love getting to know you guys! All entries have to be receied by midnight tonight to qualify. I'll announce the lucky duckling on Monday....Good luck to you all!!!!!

(PS) I'm not sure if the post was sent out to everyone yesterday. If you didn't get it, can you please let me know so that I can correct the issue. To read yesterday's blog visit  There is a link to get a free dream manifestation e-book there if you wish to get a copy. It's awesome!

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