Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spiritual Nutrition...

Hellooooo!!!! It’s October 1st and it’s already beginning to get cool here in Tennessee. I love the beginning of Autumn. It’s a time of transformation. The air turns crisp and cool, the leaves begin to change, and of course Samhain (Halloween), is just around the corner!!! I’m blessed to live in a place where I can noticeably watch the cycles of the seasons and take in their beauty.

Of course with the Fall rolling in, people are lining up for the flu shot :(  It’s so saddening to see that everyone would much rather inject themselves with toxic vaccinations instead of taking care of their bodies to maintain their health. So this month I’ve decided to take a look at our connections with food and how we can heal our Mind, Body, and Spirit by making better food choices.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” –Hippocrates

What we do to our bodies effects not only our physical being, but our spiritual being as well. One thing we often forget is that Mind, Body, and Spirit are intimately connected. We are living beings and in turn, need living nutrition. There is life force energy in all things and when we ingest our food, we ingest the energy of what we’re eating. What is the energy in your food like? Is it filled with nourishing love from Mother Nature? As spiritual beings, we should remain conscious about what we choose for ourselves and that includes our food. We should try to be reverent to the Earth and all of her inhabitants.


I promised everyone that we would have a yummy contest and here it is! The raw food angel Angela Stokes-Monarch from has agreed to give away a signed copy of her latest book Raw Emotions. Angela's story of how raw foods transformed her life is amazing and she travels the world sharing her story with those who are looking to improve their health and their lives through the beauty of raw foods. If you would like to read Angela's story Click Here!

Raw Emotions goes beyond the physical, to examine the emotional and spiritual factors that contribute to our eating patterns...and gives you PRACTICAL, solid insights into how to create WONDERFUL and LASTING CHANGE :)

Combining proven 'self-help' techniques with a raw food lifestyle, this truly unique book includes a ‘Treasure Chest’ of 60 invaluable tools and action tips for engaging YOUR transformation.

To win your copy of Raw Emotions, all you have to do is send an email to me, Nateah, at, and share your favorite recipe. The recipe doesn’t have to include food, it can be an herbal remedy, a super smoothie, or anything you’d like as long as it’s vegan (preferably raw) I will share some of the recipes by posting one day here on the blog. If you would not like your recipe to be shared, please specify so in your email. The winner will be drawn at random on October 30th. (I'll be someplace in the woods on the 31st! Samhain is my FAVORITE holiday!!!!)

Let’s take a step toward greatness and fill our bodies with light and vitality!

*mission of the week*
In our journey through the chakras, we are now up to the Ajna Chakra. The Ajna, or brow chakra, is often depicted as the third eye (an eye in the center of the forehead) which symbolizes sight into the unknown. This chakra governs our ability to perceive extrasensory information. It is our connection between the physical mind and the Spirit Mind.

Meaning: ‘Rule or command’

Location: Third eye/ Center of forehead

Color: Indigo

Element: Command center of elements

Functionality: intuition, use of intellect, psychic awareness, self awareness, pituitary gland, eyes, etc.

Signs of dysfunction: lack of imagination or intuition, hallucinations, nightmares, obsessive compulsive disorders, nerve issues, neurological disorders.

Mantra: KE-SHAM

The Ajna chakra is best balanced by doing things that bring awareness to Self such as journaling, yoga, visualization exercises, and meditation. While chanting Ke-Sham, close your eyes and imagine yourself being elevated into the cosmos. Imagine that you are surrounded by an indigo light. Let the light penetrate your entire being. Raise your vibration as the indigo energy helps you ascend into your crown chakra....

Hugs & Kisses to each of you!!!! XOXOXO

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