Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ecstatic Things....

Helllllooooo...Today is a brilliantly marvelous day! So much beautiful sunshine. It's lovely to have a day or two when the warmth comes back to play!

Yesterday I ordered a copy of  Ecstatic Beings by Shazzie and Kate Magic. I've been waiting on this book to be released for quite some time and I'm delighted that it's finally available! Ecstatic Beings is a revolutionary book for the new kidz!!! It features segments like Reiki is for Rockstars, The Butterfly & The Ego, Urine for a Treat, Mahogany Monogamy Monotony Monopoly, The Shellsuit Liberation Front, Kundalini Yoga gave me Cheekbones, and more including poems, recipes, puzzles, quizzes, and cut-out & keeps. I haven't read this yet, but Shazzie and Kate are such ambient beings that I know this book will bliss me with alternative knowledge and a few giggles as well!!! Check out this revolutionary book by Clicking Here!!!

Speaking of ecstatic things.....I've been using the Etherium powders for a while and have become completely AMAZED at the shift in my entire consciousness. While I'm sure that the Etheriums didn't 'enlighten' me. I've definately notice the elevation of my energy vibration since taking them. If you're not familiar with the Etherium powders, they are naturally occurring monotomic minerals that are safe for human consumption. They each are unique and affect not only the physical, but the esoteric body and mind as well. There are four different etheriums and I LOVE them all!!!

Etherium Gold affects the crown and the third eye chakras. It balances the right and left sides of the brain by increasing both theta and beta waves allowing one to become open to a 'whole brained' experience. It is also said to raise human consciousness. When taking Etherium Gold, one can experience more creativity, deeper states of meditation, and a deeper connection to the One Mind. This mineral is known as 'The Enlightener'.

Etherium Pink helps us to heal and balance our emotions and connections with those around us by enhancing the flow of energy into our heart chakra. When taking Etherium Pink, one can experience an increase of compassion for oneself and others as well as an enhanced ‘telepathic connections. Etherium Pink is known as ‘The Harmonizer’.

Etherium Red helps stimulate Kundalini energy. If you’re not familiar with Kundalini, it is divine cosmic energy that lies dormant in the root chakra until it is aroused and rises through the entire chakra system to Sahasrara (the crown chakra). Once the energy reaches that point, one experiences a Kundalini ‘awakening’ or unity with Divine Consciousness. Etherium Red assists in removing emotional blockages while cleansing and empowering the chakra system by stimulating and increasing Kundalini energy. When taking this mineral, one may experience a more grounded/balanced state of being,, improved communication skills and greater spiritual awakening. Etherium Red is known as ‘The Integrator’.

Etherium Black is an adaptogen and helps release negative energy in the physical and spiritual body. It removes anything that is not in harmony with the higher good of the individual, or not in harmony with the energy of the spirit of the individual. This element is extremely useful. Negative energy takes up valuable space in our beings that could be occupied by love and light! We often carry around negative energy that isn’t even our own. When taking this mineral, one can feel more physically vital and spiritually pure. Etherium Black is known as ‘The Purifier’

If you'd like to know more about these ancient minerals Click Here!

  *Mission of the Week*
Do I love you because you're beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you? I think it's both!!! Have you been sharing the LOVE????? If so, kudos! If not, what are you waiting for? A little compassion can go a loooong way! XOXOXOXO -Nateah

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