Saturday, October 10, 2009

The FLU :(

Sorry there was no post yesterday :( Somehow, my eight month old and three year old both contracted the H1N1 virus. I know it sounds scary, but let me tell you about how AMAZING their little bodies are. Zoe, my eight month old must have had it first. She ran a fever for about two days (which is one of the  ways the body gets rid of 'impurities'). She rested, I gave her reiki, green juice, coconut water, and love and now....the flu is gone! My three year old Zaria's body completely rejected the virus. She ran a fever for about a day and vomitted once (her body's way of getting the toxic virus out of her system). After that her fever spiked for a few more hours and then.....the flu was gone! I took them both to pediatrician yesterday and the doctors were amazed at how well their little bodies were handling the virus. Now they're immune! They didn't need a poisonous vaccination shot. I wanted to mention this simply because many people choose to infuse themselves with vaccinations that have all sorts of toxic ingredients when it's really unneccessary if we take care of our bodies the way that we should. It doesn't mean that we'll never become ill. But when we do, our bodies can function in the way that they're supposed to.

*mission of the week*

I hope you guys have been moooving. Don't forget that this week we are expressing ourselves through tantric motion. I've been doing yoga every morning and am definately noticing the effects, particularly in my mood and my capacity for the 'not so cool' things like cleaning, laundry, bills, and other monotonous 'adult' responsibilities. I have more energy as well. This morning as I came into my practice, I bgan to really 'feel myself'. In every pose, I would take a moment to notice what my body felt like in that particular moment. I allowed my mind to become intricately intimate with my body and realized that I have reached a new level of my practice. It didn't seem to be just a series of postures or a few moments of relaxation anymore. It was a time of inner reflection and a chance to deepen my relationship with me. I hope that you all find a way to keep your energy flowing and connect with your bodies!

On to other things! Angela Stokes-Monarch from The Raw Food World and is giving everyone a chance to win a BlendTec blender!!! I know, it's just a blender right??? NOT! This blender is a powerhouse and a must for raw foodies or those wishing to experiment with raw foods and is worth $399! For your chance to own this beautiful peice of machinery, simply send Angela a video no more than 3 minutes in length explaining WHY you'd love to win the Blendtec blender. She also LOVES a good laugh so if you feel led to add a stand up comedy act feel free! Send your emails with the video or a link to the video to

*We Musn't Forget Our Contest*

The raw food angel Angela Stokes-Monarch from has agreed to give away a signed copy of her latest book Raw Emotions. Angela's story of how raw foods transformed her life is amazing and she travels the world sharing her story with those who are looking to improve their health and their lives through the beauty of raw foods. If you would like to read Angela's story Click Here!

Raw Emotions goes beyond the physical, to examine the emotional and spiritual factors that contribute to our eating patterns...and gives you PRACTICAL, solid insights into how to create WONDERFUL and LASTING CHANGE :) Combining proven 'self-help' techniques with a raw food lifestyle, this truly unique book includes a ‘Treasure Chest’ of 60 invaluable tools and action tips for engaging YOUR transformation.

To win your copy of Raw Emotions, all you have to do is send an email to me, Nateah, at, and share your favorite recipe. The recipe doesn’t have to include food, it can be an herbal remedy, a super smoothie, or anything you’d like as long as it’s vegan (preferably raw) I will share some of the recipes by posting one day here on the blog. If you would not like your recipe to be shared, please specify so in your email. The winner will be drawn at random on October 30th.

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