Monday, October 5, 2009

Celestial Connections...

Hellloooo.....Your Fairy Godmother has arrived! What is it that your heart desires? Money? Power? Respect? Well...I can't give you any of those things, but I can give you love that is unconditional and a sprinkle of fairy dust to make you sparkly!

Yesterday I met with some of the most amazing women I've ever encountered! We discussed the opening of Celestial Connections, a spiritual center, here in Knoxville, TN. This center will offer metaphysical merchadise as well as classes & workshops, spirit readings, reiki, healing circles, and soooo much more! We're still looking for a couple more radiant beings to join our cooperative. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send me an email at

*Something Yummy for your Tummy*

Elarael from shared this recipe with me and I want to share it with you!!! I haven't tried it, but I absolutely love Merlin's Elixir and coconut water so it must be truly delectable and cleansing!

In one quart of fresh coconut water add a Tbls. of Merlin's Elixer, a Tbls. of lecithin in whatever gmo-free form you have, and a Tbls. of digestive enzymes. Shake it all up and drink for breakfast. Intense but a great way to start the day. Enjoy!


The raw food angel Angela Stokes-Monarch from has agreed to give away a signed copy of her latest book Raw Emotions. Angela's story of how raw foods transformed her life is amazing and she travels the world sharing her story with those who are looking to improve their health and their lives through the beauty of raw foods. If you would like to read Angela's story Click Here!

Raw Emotions goes beyond the physical, to examine the emotional and spiritual factors that contribute to our eating patterns...and gives you PRACTICAL, solid insights into how to create WONDERFUL and LASTING CHANGE :) Combining proven 'self-help' techniques with a raw food lifestyle, this truly unique book includes a ‘Treasure Chest’ of 60 invaluable tools and action tips for engaging YOUR transformation.

To win your copy of Raw Emotions, all you have to do is send an email to me, Nateah, at, and share your favorite recipe. The recipe doesn’t have to include food, it can be an herbal remedy, a super smoothie, or anything you’d like as long as it’s vegan (preferably raw) I will share some of the recipes by posting one day here on the blog. If you would not like your recipe to be shared, please specify so in your email. The winner will be drawn at random on October 30th.

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