Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I missed you....

Greeeeetings!!! It's been four loooong days since you last heard from me, but no worries....I'm back! And of course, I have more info on the coolest freebies EVER! Shazzie has just released a brand new e-book, Shazzie Wispers, and is offering it for FREE!!! To get on this amazing book of 100 bits of wizdom and self love techniques Click Here! There's one bit in the book that tells you to write a letter to your future self, put it in a safe place, and read it ten years from now. I thought that idea was neat, but I decided to write a letter to my future self and open it one year from now at Samhain. This will be a sort of life or spiritual growth ritual for me to honor myself and my journey. Like an extra birthday!!!!! Join me if you will. Write yourself a letter and predetermine when you'll open it. Make a special ritual to honor your growth. You could even do it monthly and make a day every month that you dedicate to honoring and pampering yourself! Making up holidays is such fun!!!! 


Our contest is nearing it's end!!! I'm so excited! Someone very luck is going to win a signed copy of Raw Emotions by Angela Stokes-Monarch. If you haven't entered, you still have two days remaining. All you need to do is send me your favorite raw or vegan recipe and voila....your entry is complete! Good Luck!!!

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