Thursday, October 22, 2009

any suggestions???

Greetings!!! I am sooo excited to announce that I will be headed to the west coast for the holidays! I'm going to L.A. I've never been to California and I'm ecstatic to see what wonders the city holds. While I'm there, I'm hoping to be able to visit some raw restaurants, spiritual centers, yoga classes, and other things to occupy my time in a lovely manner. If you have any suggestions, it'd be such a blissing if you'd share them with me.

*Mission of the Week*
"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up." -Mark Twain

Let's remember to Love one another unconditionally. In that way, you will learn to Love yourself unconditionally as well. Once we've erased the illusion of imperfection, we can see one another for the truly perfect and radiant beings that we are!!!! Spread LOVE as if it were a contagious disease!


Only one week left to send in your entry for a chance to win a copy of Raw Emotions by Angela Stokes-Monarch. You guys have sent in some pretty fantastic recipes! I've tried some of them and they've been great! A few had some 'impossible to find' ingredients (even for me!!!), but sounded yummy anyhow! To get in on your chance to win, send me an email to and share your favorite raw or vegan recipe. Good Luck to you all!!!!

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